Hanging dual sided LED video wall

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Hanging structure for dual display LED screen for digital media in a shopping center

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Digital LED display as a key to reduce
energy consumption for the KLEPIERRE group

Project overview:

  • 2 backt-to-back LED displays of 11.25 sqm each : 4.5m high; 2.5m width
  • Hanging aluminium structure at 8 metres high
  • Side covers made in brushed anodized stainless steel with shiny brass finish
  • Natural convection ensured by cut-outs at the bottom of the cover
  • Dual-sided structure to mount LED cabinets on both sides with adjustement of LED panel fixings on 3 axes
  • 45 LED DESAY ISLIM 500x500 cabinets per side, totaling 90 cabinets
  • Total weight : 630 kg including 120kg for the mechanical structure

Inaugurated in November 2023, the extension of the Grand Place shopping mall in Grenoble offers a modern and welcoming environment for over 30 brands. At the heart of this space, the KLEPIERRE group, which manages the center, has chosen a dynamic display using suspended LED screens. This choice guarantees impactful and effective visual communication while meeting the requirements of the group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

Compared to traditional screen technologies, LED panels consume less energy and have a longer lifespan. This makes them a pertinent choice for eco-responsible building projects such as the Grand Place shopping mall in Grenoble, France.

The installation of these hanging LED screens exemplifies the KLEPIERRE group's commitment to sustainable energy solutions, providing a dynamic and modern communication platform within the new extension.

Requested by VIDELIO and AMF for the manufacture of the custom mechanical structure, ERARD PRO distinguished itself through its support service for the installation, which spanned several nights. We thank our partners for their renewed trust.

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Material Steel, Aluminium
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