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Digital Signage kiosk for businesses

Digital Signage kiosk range

Erard Pro has developed a wide range of digital signage kiosk systems to meet the needs of businesses and organizations in all the varying applications of this new technology. From point of sale installations to information point communication or for advertising posts in a potential business zone, the French manufacturer can customize any model for your specific requirements.  Do you need a digital signage kiosk as a fixed feature or a mobile solution? Will the kiosk be housing an interactive touch screen? Do you want to exploit the advertising potential of a large hall space with an eye-catching display structure? Whatever digital signage technology you are using Projection, LCD or LED, display your content in the right setting with ease with our technical solutions.

The Erard Pro team provides a complete service for each application helping business customers make the best use of all audiovisual tools and equipment. Install your screen in a totem style kiosk such as the INDOOH SLIM solution, one of the standing support designs of the Erard Pro range. Available on wheels for mobility or fixed in place in a high customer traffic area, your digital signage strategy is deployed using the latest technologies with contemporary, attractive display designs.  Discover the shop window floor stands and standing video wall mounts ideal for temporary installations, trade shows and exhibitions.

Cutting edge visual support systems

Digital signage equipment designed for professionals and made from quality, durable material is ideal for intensive usage. Combining robustness and innovative design, Erard Pro screen mounts, enclosures and kiosks provide our customers a cutting edge, visual support system for all types of materials.   The Erard Pro catalogue offers product specifications for standard models for the digital signage kiosk range. Our research team is at your disposal for developing your bespoke solution for outdoor or indoor installations, wall or floor visual mounts… we look forward to hear your creative ideas.
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