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The largest interactive indoor LED screen in Europe - Structure manufactured by ERARD PRO

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New Digital Dream : DOOH revolution at  
Westfield Les 4 Temps, La Défense (France)

In the heart of La Défense, Europe's premier business district, a groundbreaking digital media installation, the New Digital Dream, has redefined the limits of Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) advertising in France. Located in the bustling Westfield Les 4 Temps shopping mall, which welcomes 32 million visitors annually, this monumental project features the largest DOOH screen in the country, boasting an immersive 3D effect and advanced sound spatialisation to create a unique experience for visitors

Project overview : 

  • An architectural convex display of 88m² on an hanging structure : 12,5 m high, 7 m width, with a radius of 5,2 m for a total weight of approx. 3,6 tons (including the LED cabinets). The whole structure is hanged on a beam at a height of 3m (15,5 m for the upper part). Horizontal brackets at the lower part of tlhe mechanical structure prevent swinging and ensure visitor safety.
  • Two  360° circular concave screens over 80m² each
  • Nearly 800 LAMP LED cabinets for a total weight of 8 tons

Technical and engineering achievements by ERARD PRO:

  • 2200 fixing points
  • 400 linear meters of curved aluminium profiles
  • 150h of studies and design of the mechanical structure
  • 8 weeks of manufacturing
  • 50h on-site assistance

The technical expertise of our design department and manufacturing plant made it possible to achieve all of this in a short time frame, allowing our partner to install these giant structures over many nights. 

With the New Digital Dream, ERARD PRO demonstrates the full extent of its engineering know-how, showcasing its ability to deliver complex and large-scale digital installations efficiently and effectively. 

We thank VIDELIO scenotechnics division which helps us grow with such projects but also Advanced for their valuable help and TETRO and 1873 BSR for their expert advice.

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Family LED
Mobility Fixed
Material Steel, Aluminium
50 years of experience
Expert network in France
Origine France Garantie