Digital signage for AUCHAN DRIVE

Publié le mardi 29 août 2017

Digital signage for AUCHAN DRIVE

AUCHAN Group, through its advertising agency iMédia, wanted to have a digital signage solution for its Click&Collect. Technical specifications were : waterproof outdoor enclosure, 75’’  high brightness displays, heating and ventilation system for the enclosure, space at the bottom to integrate a mini pc or a player, graffiti resistant paint, vandal-proof and anti-glare laminated glass and a backlit logo.

ERARD PRO and Manganelli, AV integrator, worked together to deliver a solution which fulfilled all the technical requirements. Manganelli chose the technology of the OMD Series 75’’ Smart Signage from Samsung for the displays while the R&D department of ERARD PRO designed a specific DOOHKIOSK outdoor enclosure.

The selected DOOHKIOSK enclosures installed by Manganelli for AUCHAN Group have the following technical specifications:

      • 75’’ DOOHKIOSK
      • Certified IP54
      • Vandal-proof and anti-glare laminated glass
      • Heating controlled by thermostat
      • Ventilation
      • Space at the bottom to integrate a mini PC or a player
      • Backlit logo on the bottom part of the enclosure

As this installation was a success, we are currently working on a new project with the same partners for air-conditioned outdoor enclosures integrating double 75’’ screens

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