Outdoor enclosure for projector

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• Black steel enclosure with anticorrosion epoxy coating (other colours optional)
• Tempered optical glass
• Weatherproof enclosure IP56 tested
• Cable gland to ensure protection of the enclosure
• Thermostated, heated and ventilated
• Fan extraction of 1300 m3/h for model L and up to 2200 m3/h for model XL
• Filtered air to adapt to all environments
• Door opening to the front of the housing
• A sliding shelf ensures optimal access. The projector can be completely removed (run of 100 cm for model L and 120 cm for model XL)
• Motorized sliding system in option
• Easy access to the filters
• Antitheft with two IP 65 locks
• Sliding technical plate above the projector
• Space to install a player or any material inside the enclosure

Maximum projector dimensions

 Stormer L Stormer XL
L (mm) 758 758
H (mm) 380 634
P (mm) 1076 1350
Maximum weight (kg) 100 150
MAximum power consumption (W) 2850 5400

Data sheet

Poids 290 kg (L), 390 kg (XL)
Material Steel
Finish Epoxy painting
Guarantee 1 year
50 years of experience
Expert network in France
Origine France Garantie