Indoor, outdoor screen protections and mounts

Screen mounts

As a well-established French manufacturer of mounts for display, ERARD PRO developed through years its know-how and expertise to offer high quality products designed for the audiovisual market.We offer a wide choice of screen mounts for indoor and outdoor projects with various installation possibilities. You can mount your screen on the wall but we also have ceiling and floor mounts. For each installation mode, you can choose the use: fixed, tilting and/or swiveling.ERARD PRO puts also a great emphasis to offer a wide panel of VESA and weights for monitors. Our solutions can accommodate small screens as well as big size screens up to 150kg with VESA up to 1300*800.

Display solutions for digital signage

In addition to standard products like stands or screen mounts, ERARD PRO has a specific range of solutions dedicated to the digital signage. For example, to create a videowall in retail, push-pulls and a standing videowall mount will perfectly convey your image.If you need to protect your LED or LCD monitors, different solutions can be used. For an indoor application, LCD enclosures will prevent theft and vandalism of your monitors. Waterproof screen enclosures like DOOHBOX offer the possibility for you to display your message outdoor.Next to that, ERARD PRO gives you the possibility to display your content in indoor or outdoor LCD kiosks with INDOOH and DOOHKIOSK or with LED indoor totems. These digital signage kiosks ensure you a high visibility.Display solutions for collaborative spacesNowadays, workplaces are more and more collaborative. In this respect, ERARD PRO developed solutions made for supporting talks inside companies and giving a new dimension to collaborative spaces. Whether you want a mobile version to arrange the room as you wish or a fixed solution to fully integrate your environment, the wide variety of ERARD PRO’s products will meet all your needs.  We can even create bespoke solutions and/or customize standard products as well as KAMELEO for example, which has been designed to blend into your high-end collaborative spaces.
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